I’m a game developer by profession, but that doesn’t mean the hours I work during the day are enough to sate my creative drive. Although I’ve gotten out of the habit of posting my personal projects, so most of this stuff is pretty old.



Made for the Tigsource Action52 psuedo-compo. Throw rocks. Kill ants. Be devoured by ravenous zombies. Something for everyone!

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Roach Roundup

I challenged myself to make Roach Roundup in under a month as a break from Muse. I went over the deadline by 1 day. Now my weakness is known to all!

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Starbox is a Starfox style game that I put together as the final project for my 300s level graphics class.
I am happy to say that it earned an ‘A’ ^^.

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Paths is an A* powered search algorithm demo through a crate infested area.

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