A random update appears. Command?

Jan 16, 2012@10:00pm

New site design, new artwork in the gallery.

Waiting makes the updates more exciting when they finally come.

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Sketchbook Dump

Oct 26, 2009@9:40pm

Not much of a dump, I know, but I want to get the wizard pic up before my brother turns in for the night.

*edit: wizard redacted until I fix his eye*

Has it really been over a year since I last posted art? I’ve got enough stuff to replace the current sketch gallery twice over. Now if only I could motivate myself to do it.

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Sam and Max sketchin’ goodness

Aug 13, 2008@11:21pm

Some quick Sam & Max sketches I did for Telltale, for when they stop by.

Hi guys!

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Sketchbook Dump

Jun 25, 2008@8:56pm

Dumping a few more images into the sketch gallery. The backlog on these things is just huge.

Left: A random goddess.
Center: Silas, the protagonist from Roach Roundup.
Right: Rosella of Kings Quest VII, in her ogress form.

no images were found

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Sketchbook dump

May 29, 2008@10:44pm

4 new images added to the sketch area.

Wheee! Finally taking advantage of the new backend.

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