Next-gen Gallery: Single thumbnail patch

Jul 17, 2008@12:59pm

I’ve implemented a patch for next-gen gallery that allows you to display thumbnails independent of galleries. This does not replace the single-pic functionality, but is rather meant to complement it.

Note, NextGEN Gallery can do this out of the box now, so I’ve removed my patch. The instructions have been updated to do it the built-in way.

To install the patch, simply copy the ngg-functions.php file in zip below to your next-gen gallery plugin folder. If prompted, overwrite the existing file. This patch is for the 0.97 version, but it should work with other version with minor modifications.

REDACTED (Yeah, yeah, I just had to use that word)


Simply add “[thumb id=x]”, where “x” is the id of the image you want to display, to any post or page. For example:

[thumb id=12]


I’d personally like to see this added to next-gen gallery as a permanent feature, as I think this would be useful for a lot of people, so if you find this fix handy, show some love for it over at the WordPress forums ^^.

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3 responses to “Next-gen Gallery: Single thumbnail patch”

  1. Kate says:

    OMG you are brilliant!!! Thank you a gazillion times over for this.

  2. David says:

    No problem, glad to see somebody is getting some use out of it :).

  3. Melody says:

    I love your work! My fav is the one of the girl in a yellow sun dress, walking though a meadow! It’s so pretty! ^_^

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